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CIS108 - Electronic Portfolio Development
1 Credit Online Course

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it necessary to be online at specific times or on particular days?
No.  Unless there is a pre-arranged online discussion in real time.  Students will receive notice in advance before each online meeting.

Are lessons and assignments emailed to me on a weekly basis?
No.  Instructor may email students to provide up-dated information concerning assignments and the progress of students.  However, students need to log in and check the assignment web page to make sure that you have all info needed for the specific lessons or chapters for that week.  Changes will be updated on these pages as needed.  Students will be informed of the changes via email.

Will we ever have to meet with the instructor and/or class?
No.   All communication is done via email or telephone; no class time is necessary.  However, your instructor welcomes the opportunity to meet students in person.  Students may stop by instructor's office during office hours if you want to meet with the instructor in person.

Is it necessary to own software covered and used in the course?
Not necessarily. You can use MCC's Multi-Use lab. However, it is highly recommended that students have access elsewhere ("unable to go to the lab" is not a valid excuse for late assignments). Students MUST have access to the Internet via an Internet Service Provider such as AOL, Cox, or Qwest.  Students can access free Internet at MCC's Multi-Use lab on campus or the college library to complete their assignments.  Also, students must subscribe to MCC's free email to be able to access your course homepage.

How will tests and quizzes be administered?
All tests and quizzes are taken online.   Information for each timed test is found on the CIS108 Canvas Homepage.

How can I contact the instructor if I have any questions?
The instructor can be reached via email (once the course has started, it is better if you use the Canvas Course email) or during her office hours by phone, 480-461-7754.   Both her email address and office phone number are available on Instructor's Homepage.  You may also visit your instructor in person during her office hours at her office on campus, Business/Philosophy/Psychology Building.


What if I am out of town and have no Internet access?
Assignments and due dates are made known from the beginning of the class.  Therefore, if you are going out of town, you can do them before leaving.  Or, in some cases, you can receive advanced permission from instructor to submit them later upon your return.  Also, if you have access to computer and the Internet, you can do most of your assignments while out of town.  Be sure to contact your instructor for information on how to access your class on line or to use MCC email while out of town.

Can I turn assignments in early?
Yes.  You can turn assignments in earlier than the due date once they are completed.   However, you cannot go on to another section or project until you have completed the previous one entirely.  This class is not an open entry/open exit self-paced type of class, it is a structured class that happens to be online via the Internet.  Assignments must be turned in weekly on the due date specified by your instructor (usually Monday at 11 p.m. Arizona time).

Do I get any updates from the instructor about how I am doing in the course?
All grades are posted on the My Grades page in Canvas as soon as they are completed. 

What happens when assignments are turned in late?
Assignments can  be turned in late with prior permission from the instructor.  However, points will be deducted for late submission.  Be sure to check your instructor's late assignments policy and follow this policy so that you will receive points for your assignments.

Do Internet class credits count the same as on-campus credits?
Yes. Whether taken online or in a classroom, the course will still cover the same material and therefore counts the same toward credits.

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