The teeth you see up here,
    Up in the ancient skull,
Once cracked yellow nuts
    And tore the haunch of a bull.

Savage and sharp and huge,
    Crunching the naked bone,
Every tittle and joint
    Was mince when they were done.

The eyes you see up here,
    Up in the aged skull,
Dull they may seem tonight
    But once they were never dull.

Never in darkest night
    Did they take trip or fall;
Now, though you stand so close,
    I cannot see you at all.

The legs you see below,
    Nothing could weary them then;
Now they totter and ache,
    A bundle of bones and skin.

Though now they run no more,
    All their glory gone,
Once they were quick to follow
    The shadow of golden Fionn.


(translated by Frank O'Connor)

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